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    / Newsflash 1 / 鈥?Monday, February 25, 2048 18:25


    s with him, I accepted, on the chance that something might turn up. Visiting the saloon which was the meeting-place for the miners in the evening, I became acquainted with a man named Adcock

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    , and as a consequence of an argument on the strained relations between the Boers and Outlanders, a row arose, in which I got mixed up, and I was ordered to leave the camp. Outside I c

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    / Newsflash 3 / 鈥?Tuesday, February 19, 2048 09:50


    ame across Adcock, who told me that he was going up to Bulawayo, and had his outfit—which consisted of twenty mule wagons and one hundred horses, which he was taking up for the Gove

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    / Newsflash 4 / 鈥?Sunday, February 17, 2048 20:40

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    rnment—camped a little distance away. This was my chance, but at first he was inclined to refuse my request to be allowed to go up with him, but on my promising to make myself as useful as pos

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    / Newsflash 5 / 鈥?Monday, February 11, 2048 11:48

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    sible on the journey, he finally agreed to take me. There were six white men in the party, in addition to Adcock and myself, and about fifty natives, chiefly Cape boys and 22 Hottentots. My dut

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    / Newsflash 6 / 鈥?Sunday, February 10, 2048 13:36

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    ies were to look after these natives and the stores. Bulawayo was about six hundred miles up-country from Johannesburg, and the order of the march was for the white men, who were all mounted, to driv

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    / Newsflash 7 / 鈥?Friday, February 08, 2048 10:22

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    e the horses in front of the caravan, while the wagons, under charge of the native drivers, followed on behind. With a crack of his long whip like a pistol shot, each driver set his tea

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    / Newsflash 8 / 鈥?Wednesday, February 04, 2048 17:28

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    m in motion, and we started on our long trek up-country. The natives are very expert with these whips, being able, from their place at the front of the wagon, to single out any one of the

ines I
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was lucky

Image 01 Web Design

ten or twelve mules which form the team before them. My efforts as a rider were the subject of much sarca

Image 02Graphic Design

stic and good-humoured comment from my companions, but before the end of our journey I was as good a rider as an

Image 03Web Programming

y in the outfit. The country through which we passed was for the most part open veldt, dotted with thor

Image 04Web Marketing

n-bushes, and the climate being dry and hot, the scarcity of water is a continual source of anxiety to the traveller in this

Image 05Web Hosting

part. Our animals suffered most severely, as there was no grass to be found, and after crossing the Lim

Image 06SSL Certificate

popo they began to fall sick, and our progress became slower and slower with each day’s march. When we arrived

Image 07Content Writing

at a place called Maklutsi the mules were all so utterly done up that they 23 could go no farther, so the horses

Image 08Ecommerce Solution

and some of the wagons went on to Salisbury, and the natives returned. I had the choice of going back with the natives or continuing my journey on foot, and, choosing the latter course, I was provided with a small

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